Viking Trader was founded in 2013 to provide insight, reactions and actionable ideas in today’s rapidly changing investing environment. Calling on experience as an international equity analyst researching markets and companies in Asia, Europe and North America, VT employs a combination of fundamental and technical analysis to identify market opportunities via a number of investment vehicles, though this site will primarily focus on equity stock and option ideas.  VT’s investing style is aggressive, ranging from long-term equity investments to short-term strategies to capitalize on market catalysts such as earnings releases, technical events, market news and geopolitical shifts. Still, this style is meant to generate consistency by identifying near-term and long-term opportunities to suit a variety of risk profiles while maintaining the highest level of transparency and accountability that has been lacking from the investment community. VT welcomes your feedback via e-mail at vikingtrader14@gmail.com as well as on Twitter where we outline our market positions in real time @vikingtrader14.


Disclaimer: Viking Trader is NOT a registered investment advisor and ideas displayed via this website or on the Twitter account @vikingtrader14 should not be construed as investment advice. The content of this website should be viewed as an educational tool and not an investment recommendation, and any investor acting based on a Viking Trader transaction is doing so at his/her own risk.


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